The Answer to the Question

Why do people cut themselves? So, the big question here is, “Why do people cut themselves”? We all know that self-injury is not normal and people in the right state of mind would never do such a thing. Any form of cutting is considered to be self harm, and it is known to be a fully conscious act on their part. People who cut themselves do it while they are fully aware of what is going on, as some do it for the fame and attention, while others do it to relieve emotional distress related problems. Stress, anxiety, anger and nervous breakdowns are all common issues that could be used to explain the question, “Why do people cut themselves”?

When psychiatric experts are asked the question “Why do people cut themselves?” they’d explain that cutting or self-injury is a strategic pain relieving mechanism that certain individual’s exhibit. Even though it is not common in most cases, a large number of people resort to self- injury in hopes of coping with personal issues. Other noticeable acts of self-harm include biting, burning, hitting, hair pulling and even beating. Self-injurious acts are seen primarily in the teen years, but it could carry onto adulthood if it isn’t treated properly. Psychiatric professionals have dealt with numerous cases where people have cut themselves and each and every individual has a different story.

Further Explanation

A good explanation for “Why do people cut themselves?” would be the attention and care that people receive when others find out what happened. These people who cut themselves get an instant boost of self-esteem when they realize that others are caring for them. In an effort to be in the spotlight and get all the attention, certain teenage girls deliberately tell others about all the cutting and self-injury that has been going on. For people in the right state of mind, this would seem like total nonsense, but for others; this is their only way of being “included” in something. To an extent, self-cutting has been confirmed to be a way of relieving emotional pain, as certain endorphins are released from the brain.

People who cut themselves need to learn effective ways to portray or relieve their emotional feelings. The lack of communication and skill in expressing emotional feelings is what causes this self-injurious act. Cutting is definitely unethical, harmful and could lead to infectious diseases. Not knowing the consequences of cutting yourself will lead to detrimental problems in the future. People who have been known to cut themselves deal with problems such as depression, anxiety, isolation, disorders and stress.


Our website aims to provide information and answers to questions such as “Why do people cut themselves”. Self-harm needs to be avoided, as there are healthy and more ethical liberal methods you can use. Speaking to someone about your problems, emotions and pain would be an excellent start for emotional relief. Psychiatric therapy is a very effective way to getting your thoughts out, while keeping information private. Cutting yourself or causing self-injury is never the right course of action, regardless of what the problem may be.